Video Games

Employees at GameStop, one of the leading video game chains in the country, are outraged that they still have to work during a time in which nearly every place of business is closed. According to CNN, the company is claiming that it is an “essential” business because it offers mice and keyboards that could help […]


The Norwegian University of Science and Technology performed a study in which researchers discovered that playing video games as an adolescent had greater adverse effect on the developing social skills for young girls than boys. Researchers studied 873 Norwegian children, checking in on them every 2 years. These “check-ins” included questioning parents and teachers about […]

Well even if he can’t get his teammates to play for him in real life, maybe they’ll do a little better on the video game. According to reports, LeBron James will appear on the cover of the 20th-anniversary edition of the upcoming NBA 2K19 video game this fall. It makes for the second straight year […]

Mattel recently released a Game Developer Barbie in efforts to break gender stereotypes in the STEM industry; but one thing the toy company failed to do was feature the doll in different ethnicities. The only available option was a White doll with red hair. After noticing this while picking up a doll for his wife who is a Black game developer, Marcus Montgomery was prompted to come up with a solution of his own.

Many folks initially scoffed at the idea of Kim Kardashian getting her own game, but after it becoming wildly successful, it’s time for the reigning…

When it comes to playing the popular video game Madden, rapper The Game has earned the reputation as one of the best at it in…

Hang on to NCAA Football 2014, all you video game fans. It will be a collector’s edition. The NCAA said Wednesday it will no longer allow Electronic Arts Inc. to use its logo starting next year. The move ends a lucrative business deal with the gaming industry giant and comes as the NCAA fights a […]

Beginning today, New York State announced that they will removed the ability for over 3,500 sex offenders to have access to various online gaming sites. The law now requires that those offenders who do play video games must submit their e-mail adresses and user names, which can then “be made available to certain websites so they can purge potential predators from […]

There are over 425,000 games in Apple’s app store, so how do you know which ones are must-haves? “Angry Birds” or “Plants vs Zombies” are…

So I’ve been playing NBA 2K11 on the old Xbox 360 and to be honest with you, the game has lots of surprises. The predominant…

“Become The Greatest.” That is the tagline for the newest incarnation of the NBA2K series. Surpassing NBA Live (now Elite) as the best selling basketball game for the past few years, NBA2K11 looks to continue their winning streak by securing the co-sign of arguably the greatest to ever lace up the hightops: Michael Jordan.

Ubisoft’s Michael Jackson: The Experience is a King Of Pop themed video game in the vein of Dance Dance Revolution.