Say it ain’t so!!! Looks like our good sis Yung Miami might be getting all caught up in this Diddy mess! She is being accused of transporting drugs, more specifically “pink cocaine,” as well as being a sex worker amid Diddy’s recent legal issues. “Pink Cocaine” is known to be a combination of ecstasy and […]

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Look at the bundle of cuteness! Congrats to City Girls’ Yung Miami as she shared with the world she gave birth to her baby girl Summer Miami. https://www.instagram.com/p/B3xPWVRBllO/ Daddy rapper Southside was there to see his daughter born and have to say he look just as spent as Miami (chuckles). We reported that Miami was […]

  Mickey D’s is out here serving up more ice than a little bit! The fast food giant, McDonald’s decided to thank Yung Miami of the City Girls for her constant support by adding to the rapper’s jewelry collection. Caresha (Yung Miami) took to Instagram to share her brand new McDonald’s small fry necklace that was […]

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The rapper is pregnant with her second child. Nobody saw this coming and I would bet neither did Yung Miami. The one-half of the City Girls just revealed that she is pregnant! In one of the outtakes of the upcoming YouTube documentary Point Blank Period, Miami reveals that she wanted to announce the pregnancy “on […]