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The attorneys for George Zimmerman, Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig, said Tuesday they have lost touch with their client and are withdrawing from the Trayvon Martin shooting case. Uhrig said in a news conference that the legal team heard that Zimmerman on Tuesday had contacted a special prosecutor who will decide whether or not to […]

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The man at the center of the Trayvon Martin shooting is revealing his own website to collect funds for his legal defense.  The site is titled, “I am the real George Zimmerman.”  On it, Zimmerman calls the shooting a “life altering event” which has forced him to leave his home, work, family and entire life. […]


The more Joe Oliver defends George Zimmerman with his ridiculous rational and “what the hell did this Negro say” quotes, the more we have to wonder if it was him, not Trayvon Martin(allegedly), who once experimented with the purple haze. SEE ALSO: Rapper Plies Makes A Tribute Song To Trayvon Martin Trayvon Martin Rally Brings Out Thousands In Central, OH Over the […]

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There’s a Taiwanese media company that’s known to make animated versions of international news events called Next Media Animations. They have recreated theTrayvon Martin tragedy. “Trayvon Martin Death: A Reconstruction,” which, according to the Taiwan-based company, serves to “explain the events leading up to and following Martin’s death from the accounts of Zimmerman and Martin’s girlfriend.” […]