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Nicki Minaj Hates Her Name!
Nicki Minaj says she “hates” her stage name. The Young Money rapper’s real name is Nicki Maraj; the last name “Minaj” came from her manager. Nicki never liked “Minaj” but she realizes that she’s stuck with it. Nicki told the media on Saturday before a show in her homeland of Trinidad: “I was always called Nicki at home so I was known as Nicki Maraj, but my first producer did not like Maraj and thought Minaj sounded better. I still hate the name and I was going to go back to Maraj on the album, but people told me no because my fans like it.”
By the way, Nicki Minaj got the royal treatment when she returned home to Trinidad this weekend. She was mobbed when she took her mom shopping at a local mall on Saturday. Nicki left there when she was five but still feels close to the island. Nicki even said: “I want to eventually bring Trinidadian music and culture to the world. If any of you have anything you want me to promote, get it to me.”