Power 107.5

Power 107.5 had a HUGE Halloween Bash this past Saturday at BOMA! Just about everyone was wearing a costume. I saw little red riding hoods, sexy kitty’s, clowns,  and cops. Several people dressed like current and past celeb’s like, TLC,  Aalyah, Beyonce, Mr. T. 

Then there was Konata…..who decided to honor his favorite celeb…… THE BUCKEYE GUY!! Konata was dressed from head to toe in Buckeye gear. He was even handing out autographed pictures!! It was hilarious! What’s even funnier, is that people really believed he was the Buckeye Guy!!

In my opinion, Konata had the best costume, because he actually tricked people into believing he was someone else! 

Did I miss your costume? Send me a message and tell me who you dressed up as…..