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Wayne is somewhat of a cultural icon depending on your age bracket and how well versed you are on his career as a whole. We here at Power 107.5 want to take time out to Focus on the 12 most impactful, controversial, ground-breaking and career changing moments in DeWayne Carter’s life…Lets go!

1. Wayne signs to Cash Money

In 1991 at age 11 Wayne was signed to Cash Money Records and recorded his first Collabo Album with B.G. This is truly where it all started!

2. The Assist

Wobbledy Wobbledy Drop Drop It Like Its Hot

Although this isn’t his song he became world reknown, in hoods, for one line at the end of Juvenile’s song Back That Azz Up off the 400 degrees Album

Assist number 2…Bling Bling, There really is nothing else left to say on this one, we all remember 1 thing if nothing else from 1999…and that phrase is it

3. The Block Is Hot

Finally, The wait for all the youngsters is over and the Block Is Hot Drops…Now it may have not been the biggest album of that year but it did make people take notice to the youngster and his potential to stay in the game.

4.500 Degrees

Many people took this as a knock to the 1999 smash 400 Degrees album recorded by Juvenile which many in hip-hop deem to be a classic, Wayne said he was paying homage and that it was done to show the album respect because there will not be another 400 Degrees. This album didnt out do 400 Degrees in hits or sales however Wayne maintained through all the negative press and backlash.

5. Cash Money Breaks Up

Money, Fame, Respect, or lack their of everybody had a reason and different motive for leaving Cash Money once or twice. This is important to Waynes career because he ultimate has been given the 2 most critical spots on the Cash Money roster….at the same time! Juve and BG left big shoes to fill….everyone was wondering….How is wayne going to survive if he has to be the hottest boy on the label???

6. Dedication Mixtapes

Now by no stretch of the imagination did Wayne “invent the wheel” in regards to mixtapes…but he did flood the market…He put out so much material that it was even mixtapes HE HADN’T HEARD with him on it…This also was the awakening of”Man, Wayne snapped on “insert who ever” beat! He Hot!

7. The Carter 1

“The Best Rapper Alive…Since The Best Rapper Retired” words that made the whole hip-hop world feel a certain way! The numbers didn’t match the hype or the talk as a whole but everyone agreed that this was a lyrically strong album and that he was definitely coming of age.

8. Young Money/Father and Son Love

With Wayne in place with both Carter Albums being successful it was time to strike…So what does any other rapper do??? Start and Independent Label of Course! Now the start was slow but in time this takes flight…almost Jordan-like….almost.

With Success comes fame, envy, hate and scandal…and nothing sums that up more than the picture below. You can’t call yourself the “P***y Monster” and be seen kissing a man you call your daddy, who is also your boss, who also gave you your first start as a child…and other dudes vouch for it….See, Still just doesn’t sound right. However, this didn’t slow Wayne’s career down at all even though it cant be considered as helpful especially when you got an upstart label in the making.

9. The Carter 3

Classic??? Debatable depending on the conversation you are in…but bottom-line the album sold 3 million and establish Wayne as a premier emcee and possibly the best out period!

10. Wayne Has Babies

What better way to celebrate all your success than having unprotected sex around the world with decent or better women….See how foolish it sounds…Yet in still Wayne manage to get a few women pregnant by the age 25…with 3 being in the same year! “Cause You Know It Aint Trickin If You Got It” – Lil Wayne

11. Drake and Nicki

No one man stays on top forever…Even Jigga has lost a step..So Wayne did what anyone else would do to preserve their legacy and longevity…Find the Hottest Male and or Female you can and let them loose on the world. Now Tyga and Jae Mills are doing their thing and everyone is waiting to hear Cory Gunz…but right now…If you haven’t heard Drake or Nicki Minaj…you haven’t heard music!

12. Wayne Goes to Jail

Snitching, Missing his Dawgs, Getting stopped by a lady cop…premonition??? Maybe so but either way in Wayne ended up living what he was rapping about…behind bars. In March of 2010 Wayne officially checked in to Rikers Island for an “8 Month Vacation”. The hip-hop world stopped because the game was seemingly left wide open for anyone to take advantage and capitalize with such a big void gone for that long. Eminem and Kanye’s return along with Drake’s Debut and J. Cole and B.O.B emergence has definitely changed things….but how much???

NOW! Of course we could have put the release at 12…but that would have been too cheap! Plus we have no idea on the aftermath and what mind-frame he is going to be in upon his release. Every rapper writes in jail so that’s not groundbreaking enough. Drake is excited about the welcome home concert but we already knew that….We’ll Wayne truly stay out of trouble? Will the Hip-Hop world pause again like the did for T.I and Gucci Mane? We don’t know…So let us know what you think in out poll below!



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