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What is going on with Columbus’s own Bow Wow. By the looks of his recent tweets he is having suicidal thoughts. When I saw this I was shocked, but how common is this in the entertainment industry. So many people want to famous entertainers, but don’t know how much it really takes out of you. Rappers like Bow Wow are essentially actors in their everyday life. They have to put on a front at their shows and interviews no matter what is going on in their lives. When people pay money for a show they want to see your best performance, that’s why they come to the show. Everyday when these rappers leave their homes or hotels rooms they are bombarded by fans and paparazzi. No moment is every private. Is this the life that you would really want to live. Sure it would be nice to live it for a week or couple of months, but after a while you would surely grow tired of it. It seems like Bow Wow has finally reached that point. Let’s hope that he can deal with his issues and this story does not take a turn for the worse. We have to remember that these entertainers go through all of the same problems that we do with their job, family, and friends. Often times because of their celebrity their issues are blown out of proportion and that leads to more stress.

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