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Power 107 provides exclusive access into the winter edition of Monarch Magazine which hits shelves the first week of December. Monarch has an in depth first look at the new 2011 Bentley Mulsanne. It is a vehicle in a class of its own with the perfect blend of luxury and sportiness. Monarch also interviewed business mogul Percy Miller who shares his knowledge on becoming successful in the entertainment industry. Percy talks about becoming an entrepreneur and his current business adventures. Monarch features several other articles on fashion, sports, and entertainment, including the cover story on Dwyane Wade which this article focuses on. Make sure to pick up your copy next week to see what the buzz is all about.

NBA superstar Dwyane Wade saw it all growing up in the windy city; gangs, drugs, and shootings. Thankfully he was lucky enough to escape that lifestyle and go on to live his dreams. In an exclusive interview with Monarch magazine Dwyane explains how and why he is doing all he can to make sure every child gets a shot to reach their dreams.  Dwyane Wade’s team the Miami Heat has been the talk of the sports world ever since Lebron James and Chris Bosh joined the team in July. The decision for all three of them to team up in Miami was an unprecedented move in NBA history and will go down in the record books. Ohio Native Lebron James received tons of criticism for “The Decision.” The heat have extremely lofty expectations to live up to this season. They are expected by many to win the championship and be one of the best teams in NBA history. That is a challenge that Wade and his new teammates James and Bosh embrace.

Even with the heavy spotlight that has been place on Miami’s new trio this season, Wade knows that he is more than a basketball player. He has been working diligently with his organization Wade’s World Foundation that he founded in 2003. The foundations motto is “Every Child Deserves a Shot.” They work with youth in at risk situations to help improve their education, health, and extracurricular activities. Wade’s World Foundation operates mainly in three major US cities; Chicago, where Dwyane grew up at, Miami where he currently lives, and Milwaukee where he attended college. The foundation has grown tremendously since 2003 and now partners with other organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of America.  Dwyane very passionate about helping youth therefore he interacts with the kids as much as he can. He wants them to know that he is very personable and it is not just his name on the organization. The kids really enjoy having the face to face time with him. He sponsors free basketball clinics and brings other celebrities in to talk to the youth. They all share their personal stories about the struggles they have gone through in their lives. The kids and celebrities open up to each other and form a genuine connection. All of this is done to show the kids that no matter their situation they can become whatever they aspire to be. Wade’s World Foundation will be there to support them along their journey. Whether that is financially with a college scholarship or just fatherly advice and someone to talk to. Dwyane Wade refuses to let just basketball define him and he is doing his part to make sure every child has a shot.

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