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The year is coming to an end; and with so many stories posted on this site; it’s easy to forget where some of our best discussions came from. But, as always, we were able to track down our top 10 most commented stories for the year.

Take a look at some of the back and forth that goes on in the comments section. It’s simply great.

#1 VIDEO: Seattle Police Punch Teenage Girl In The Face

Comments: 1,017

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#2 Author To Single Black Women: Give White Guys A Try

Comments: 619

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#3 Racist C-Span Caller Asks Why Aren’t Coloreds More Grateful For “Free Everything”

Comments: 600

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#4 REPORT: Nearly Half Of All Black Women Have Herpes

Comments: 448

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#5 Africans are as much to blame for slavery as anyone else

Comments: 431

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#6 Glenn Beck Ruthlessly Mocks 11-Year-Old Malia Obama

Comments: 382

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#7 Tea Party Rep: Black Men Prefer Drug Dealing To Education

Comments: 350

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#8 White Man Robs Banks Disguised As Black Man

Comments: 296

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#9 Rev. Al Sharpton: It’s Time For Us To Confront Homophobia

Comments: 294

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#10 2 Men Accused Of Hate Crime For Beating White Teen For “Enslaving Our People”

Comments: 250

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