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Part Two of Rihanna’s exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America aired this morning.  Rihanna recounts the evening that she and Chris Brown left the Grammy awards and got into a vicious argument that lead to her beating.  I feel for the both of them, they both obviously had some issues and I hope they both they get help.

But ladies I would like to say this to you,  if you ever find out that your man is cheating and confront him about it if he doesn’t admit to cheating, it’s okay to walk away.  You DO NOT have to continue to go at it with him and try to force the truth out of him.  A lot of times situations like this will blow up in your face, so simply walk away and know that you know the truth about this man.  I do not condone what Chris Brown did, but obviously he (and some other men) do not know how to react when your back is against the wall.  I pray for them both to heal from this situation

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