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I read this story from my Illseed at allhiphop.com; and I can’t say that I’m really surprised by this revelation:

There was no real question that something like this would come out. The dude Chance and Real his brother have been suspected as gay for the longest time. Well, it would seem that one of the girls from their show is telling on Chance. She claims that he asked her to “pound” him after he smoked a blunt. Here is an interview, but honestly, there is no source on the interview. It could very well be fake.

Hot Wingz: : He turns to me and say ‘I want you to POUND me.’ . . . I was confused . . . I was like HOW, I’m a female. What am I supposed to do POUNDING you. I’m a girl.

Interviewer: So wait, hold up. He asked you to ‘POUND’ him?

Hot Wingz: : Yes and then he said it again. I looked at him like, huh? And he said it again. He didn’t even say it once, he said it twice. Then the n*gga rolled a blunt and turned on Sade.

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