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It came out last week that actress Halle Berry turned down the role of Aretha Franklin for her biopic set for the big screen.  Halle’s excuse was that she wasn’t right for the role since she doesn’t have singing skills.  Well Aretha isn’t taking Halle’s excuse seriously and still thinks that the beauty is perfect to play her.  Aretha was quoted saying, “She shouldn’t underestimate her own talent… I never expected Halle to sing.  She’s an actress, not a singer.  many actors have portrayed vocalists by lip-syncing to the artist’s original recordings.”

Well I agree with what Aretha is saying because Halle portrayed Dorothy Dandridge many years ago.  Though I’m not sure if there is good enough make up to have her play an aged Aretha.  Maybe Aretha should just take the hint and realize that Halle doesn’t want the job.  Here’s an idea Aretha, call Beyonce, I bet she’ll jump at the chance of another ‘challenging’ role as a singer. (smirk)