Is Rihanna The Princess Of The illuminati? There has been a lot of controversy involving Rihanna’s new music video “S&M”.  Critics have said the video is too raunchy and therefore it has been banned in 11 countries.  But what is the real reason that the video is being banned.  If you have actually watched the video you probably wondered why it was banned because there are much more sexually explicit music videos than “S&M”.

The picture above is screen shot from the video.  Do you see what the notepad says?  It says  “Rihanna Princess of the Illuminati” it appears at 3:20 in the video and is visible for less than a second. Her label mates Jay-Z and Kanye West have proclaimed numerous times that the illuminati is not real or that they simple are not apart of it.  Is this a subliminal message about their involvement with the illuminati?

The lyrics for S&M go right along with the illuminati “I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it.”  Many interpret Rihanna’s lyrics as being sexually but illuminati are known to have double meaning to their songs.  The double meaning keeps the general public from knowing the truth because most people will not think twice.

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