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Ohhh, so the Congressman likes a lil brown sugar when he’s moonlighting as a single, divorced, 30-something, bachelor…

Anonymous D.C. dater agreed to talk to me, as long as she stayed anonymous. We’d met before through a mutual friend. She’s a professional, single and successful, 34-year-old African American woman, dating and socializing in “the diamond district.” Her weekends are spent sharing cocktails in posh spots and chatting about the latest news and gossip with friends. Having lived in the area for eight years now, she’s a regular scenester in D.C. nightspots and didn’t feel like getting her name dragged into the fray. After all, the leggy-glamazon works in government. No need to potentially freak out her employers.

But truth is, she didn’t know he was a congressman. After all, it had started out as a joke. She’d done the online dating scene. She’d done D.C.’s dating scene (which she described as abysmal) and lamented how so many men lied. About their height. About their jobs. About their age.

And about their marital status.

It seems Rep. Christopher Lee of New York had pulled three-out-of-four on her. At least his height seemed to match the media reports.

Here’s what she had to say:

TheLoop21: How did this first come about?

Anonymous: I was bored one day. And I posted a tongue-in-cheek post on Craigslist basically trying to see what was out there, as far as you know, in men. I was not looking for a hook up and I thought it would be fun to see what type of men would send me their photos.

TheLoop21: Do you date online or post ads like this often?

Anonymous: I have dated online. And I do use Craigslist to promote my design work on the side and look for design clients. A few weeks back, I was looking at the photos that some of the men were posting on their personals there and they were fairly unattractive men.

Hmmm, this “unidentified” woman sounds like she might be a lil suspect too. We get not wanting to be identified, but its 2011 and “confidential” information is as free flowing as Niagara Falls. Ever heard of Wikileaks??? Source

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