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A little something I came across on enjoy….. 

We all know that “age ain’t nothing but a number.” But when you’re not bringing in the numbers that you used to, it might just be time to hang up the gloves.

Here’s a list of celebs who have had more than their share of the fame. Its up to you to decide whether or not its a wrap for their careers, but here are our suggestions for what they can do with all of their post-retirement spare time.

1.) Ashanti – Go to dance classes to learn some new moves.

2.) Mariah Carey – Just go do whatever grown women who think that they’re fairy princesses do.

3.) Vivica Fox -Grow a full body of fur, and make the complete cougar transformation. It works for you.

4.) Kelly Rowland – Just do some soul searching. Somehow, it still feels like you haven’t quite found yourself yet.

5.) Janet Jackson – Decide whether you want to be frumpy or fierce because we can’t take any more of your yo-yo diet/weight loss routine. Go make some munchkins with JD.

6.) Cassie – A singer, you are not. Retire the mic. Rip the runways.

7.) Lil Mama -I hear the circus is hiring; clown.

8.) Mary J Blige – Same old Mary. 10 years later.

9.) Flavor Flav – Flav missed his calling. He would have gotten his acting break if he didn’t miss the casting for gremlins. Think of how many horror movies he could have had under his belt clock by now. Theres still time Flav. The movie biz is always in need of spare gremlins.

10.) Lil Kim – Open up a plastic factory.

Lets hear your thoughts. Is it time for there celebs to retire?