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Every once in a while, someone will contact me via Twitter and I become amazed by what they do for a living. I’m always intrigued by individuals that are taking a different route in life than what is or has always been expected of them. After being contacted by Jonathan Smith, CEO of Cookingin10.com via twitter, I took a keen liking to their vision. Not so much for the skill, but for the ultimate image of embracing their community. Jonathan and his partner Darnell Ferguson are teaming up to bring hip, fresh eats for Columbus and around the nation. I love when individuals are what I call power driven. It takes determination and a strong vision to be successful in a business where you are in a class of your own, and must prove to your competitors that you too possess skills. These two gentlemen are going about it in such an aggressive but persuasive way, which deserves to be recognized by all our readers.

M.Dennis- So Darnell Super Chef Ferguson, Could you give our readers a brief introduction? Highlighting your talents, how long have you been studying culinary arts? What enticed you to start?

Super Chef- I’m a 24-year old talented chef from Columbus, Ohio. I was a chef at the 2008 summer Olympics in China for the USA; I was chosen to be part of the first students ever asked to participate in the Olympics. I also have started my own company, cookingin10.com with my childhood best friend Jonathan Smith, where I am the executive chef. I have been studying culinary arts professionally since the eleventh grade at my vocational school, North East Career Center. I fell into cooking because I wasn’t enjoying class work at all and needed some motivation and knew I enjoyed cooking; so, I was thinking “hey if I don’t like it at least I will eat good — lol”. After I graduated from high school, I attended Sullivan University, one of the top 3 culinary universities in the U.S. I graduated in 2008, and since then my career has been rolling — have done v.i.p events for Rolex, Kentucky Derby, special private train events for governors, I have worked in a 5-star hotel, I have cooked for the former President of the United States, etc.

M.Dennis -What inspires you when you create your dishes?

Super Chef- The Ingredients inspire me 100%, and the occasion. The first thing that gets me excited when I create a dish is the product; I can’t wait to see how I can use it in a different and creative way. For me, cooking is different than for most people, because I have a website where I show people how to cook recipes from their home — so I have to remember that my dishes can’t be overly complicated. Also, on another note, I do catering and I work at Eddie Merlots so I get to do fine dining, catering, and your creative home-cooked meals. So, that’s why I say I also get inspired by the occasion. MORE ON THIS INTERVIEW

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