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The details from the late great Whitney Houston’s will have been released and to no surprise Bobbi Kristina is getting everything.  Well what exactly is everything?  There were lots of rumors just before Whitney suddenly passed away that she was broke and asking for money, but that seems to be just what they were rumors.

Whintey’s estate is worth an estimated $20 million dollars including, money, cars, furniture and cars.  The nineteen page document was originally wrote in 1993 but amended in 2000 when she was still married to Bobby Brown, where she changed that he will receive NOTHING!   Hmmm interesting

But Bobbi Kristina will have a trust until she is twenty-one in 2014, only then will she receive some of her money.  Then when she turns twenty-five she will receive more.  And at age thirty she will have full control.  In the meantime Whitney’s mother will have control of the trust.

So it seems that Bobbi Kristina will be well taken care of.

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