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Last night’s episode of “Love and Hip-Hop” definitely did not disappoint and brought the drama back to my Monday night television line-up, especially since there was no new episode last week.

First, we see Emily and her new BFF Teairra Marie go furniture shopping for Em’s new place. While they’re shopping, Teairra gets Emily to agree to go on a blind date with her. Emily finally agreed though she keeps trying to convince herself and everyone else around her that this ISN’T a date and that she’s just accompanying a friend. I don’t know who she’s fooling, because this definitely looks like a date to me! I mean, the guy was cute and charming, and that flirtatious smirk on Emily’s face proves that deep down inside, she knew this was a date!

It looks like all is well between Jimmy, Chrissy and Mama Jones as the three of them go out for a peaceful brunch together. Mama Jones tells Chrissy that she’s getting ready to make a video for her song “Psychotic” and asks Chrissy and Jimmy to star in it. Surprisingly, Chrissy doesn’t pop off at Mama Jones’ request (because I was definitely clenching my teeth and waiting for Chrissy to set it off in the restaurant) and actually finds it hilarious that she would ask them something like that. When Chrissy shows up to the video shoot, she politely tells Mama Jones that she doesn’t want to participate in the video. But that doesn’t sweat Nancy, “I roll by myself. I was born by myself, I’m gonna die by myself,”  she said. You tell ’em Mama Jones!

Chrissy and Kimbella meet up AGAIN because Kimbella still wants an apology. (When will this girl learn that Chrissy isn’t giving one?) It looks like we have a mole in the group and that mole is Olivia. At first, Olivia kept telling Kimbella to keep pressing Chrissy for an apology but then when Olivia meets with Chrissy and the other girls, she says, “Psh, Kimbella is going to KEEP asking for an apology? That’s insane!” SMH.

Eventually the girls agree to make peace for the sake of their men, although Chrissy makes it clear to Kim that she is NOT sorry. Yandy also feels like she deserves an apology from Chrissy but Chrissy looks at Yandy like she’s crazy. “You’re waiting for an apology. You and Kim must be sippin’ from the same stupid juice, ’cause it’s not happening!”


Emily has no time for their drama because she is busy helping out with Samantha Black’s Fashion Week show. She invites all the girls to the show and…Fab. And now we see why she was so adamant about her blind date not being called a date. She tells the girls that her and Fab have been secretly talking and going on a few dates. Hm…whatever makes you happy Em!

What do you think about this week’s episode?

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