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The Smoking Gun got info that Mary J Blige might just have a little diva side to her.  She is on tour now and evidently is making some interesting request on her tour stops.

One that was ‘interesting’ is that she ask the venues to buy her a brand new toilet seat for her dressing room.  I guess she doesn’t trust anybody to simply give it a good bleach down.

There are other bizarre tour demands in addition to the new toilet seat like red vine liquorice, aveda candles and a love seat for her dressing room.  She also checks into hotels under the name Mrs. Jefferson and demands a fruit basket of green apples and take out menses from local restaurants.

I don’t know if I’m mad at Mary J Blige about having a clean toilet seat but couldn’t she just travel with some Clorox wipes or bring her own new seat?


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Source: The Smoking Gun