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Wayne Brady showed us another side of his talents  by getting on the mic on Sway’s show & feestyling over beats about random topics given to him.

Now we knew Wayne was funny when he popped up on Dave Chapelle’s tv show a few years ago & straight acted a fool and we knew that the brother had some R&B pipes on him but now he’s showing  his lyrical skills.

While he didn’t kill em by stinging line after line he dropped some stuff in there that you might miss if you weren’t paying attention!

“Just got off the plane, thank God it’s another day,” Brady raps, “It’s wonderful to be here with my man Sway/Now in Gotham you can see me make jokes — what am I talking about, man, how can it be/You can’t have a stroke and flip up your sexuality/That won’t work, man, my heart was breaking/That’s like saying you had a cold and woke up like Clay Aiken….”

Check out the video here for yourself!

I know he’s no Lil Wayne but what do you think of Wayne Brady’s freestyle skillz?

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