Actress Megan good and her fiance are letting everybody know that they are waiting until marriage to have relations.   Yes everybody is surprpised that the super sexy Megan Good is making her husband to be Devon wait.  But I’m not!  I told you all that he is a man of the cloth and a minster for the Seventh Day Adventists.  And since that will make her a first lady I am not surprised.  Also there have been word of industry insiders that Megan’s sexy is just a front.  They claim that she has always be a really religious woman.  Interesting right?

Our wedding night will be the first time we’re actually together.   — Megan Good

Do you think you could marry someone that you haven NEVER been with?

I know Megan will be a beautiful bride.  As far as the wedding date they haven’t announced that yet.  But she did say that they have picked a beautiful venue in Malibu and are having a bayou-themed kind of Spanish mosque.


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