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Following the June 15th fight taking place at the W.i.P Club in New York’s SoHo neighborhood between Drake and Chris Brown, another unexpecting victim, Tony Parker, was seriously injured as bottles were thrown. The San Antonio NBA athlete’s cornea was brutally scratched, leaving him with the very realistic possibility of loosing his left eye and not being able to perform in this year’s summer Olympics.

Meanwhile Parker is now left in a state of limbo where he is seeing an injury specialist in New York and hoping for a miraculous recovery, but the Spurs are getting worried. He has been directed to apply five different products to his eye every two hours, and has been unable to leave his hotel room for eight days due to the risk of infection.

Parker comments that the rest of his NBA career is not in question- only this year’s Olympic opportunity. He just has to wait it out and see how the injury heals. However, Parker won’t go down without a fight, as he will be suing the New York Club for $20 million.

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