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The city of Philadelphia saw a small Twitter civil war go on between two of their most prized rappers. Cassidy and Meek Mill exchanged heated words over the social networking site after Meek Mill said he wanted to battle Cassidy. Once his bluff was called he began backpedaling claiming he said he wanted Cassidy and Murder Mook, another Philly rapper, to battle.

Cassidy virtually stepped to Meek and they went back and forth about who runs Philly and who’s richer. Neither one of them made mention of actually battling which left fans to wonder and speculate who would actually come out the victor. No longer do you need to wonder about that battle because we have the video of what it could possibly sound like.

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Check out the hilarious animated video below. How accurate is the clip? Who would actually win in a rap battle?

Shouts to Smack/URL crew.


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