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Chad Johnson is going straight to the top to stop the release of a sex tape starring himself, images from which have already leaked.

TMZ reports that the former NFL player has contacted the FBI cyber crimes unit as well as his own attorney to put a stop to a sex tape featuring him and two women.

Earlier this week, Johnson admitted that the tape was real but shot over three years ago. When asked about it on Twitter, Evelyn was not surprised. “Months ago luv #OLDNEWS RT @WinningAmerican: How did u c the tape? I thought Chad prevented the tape from being released.#Lawsuit.”

The former couple has been buddying it up per social media. Over Christmas, Ev tweeted several times, referencing her ex-hubby.  The two divorced earlier this fall after a domestic abuse incident which sent Evelyn to the hospital. At the time, Lozada detailed the moments leading up to the incident, explaining that she found a receipt for condoms in Johnson’s car and confronted him about it. READ MORE

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