5 Reasons Rihanna Could Be The Perfect Stripper
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2 Chainz loves the scrippers (strippers) and so does everyone else. This subculture that grew out of the Dirty South has creeped into the mainstream. Strippers have become celebrities and celebrities are trying to look like strippers. There are a couple of celebrities that don’t have to try to be sexy or provocative like strippers … they just have that swagger. We are not saying it in a ratchet or raunchy way. We are talking about that sensual, provocative and sexy way. There is a skill, style and swagger to strippers that is all there own.

But imagine if some of our favorite celebrities were strippers. Maybe Beyonce … nah she just doesn’t have that freak factor. How about Melanie Fiona … nah she’s too cute for that type of spot. Rihanna would be perfect selection for a stripper because she is fierce, dangerous, and sexy. She talks that talk and can get loud and unapologetic when she needs to. She’s bout that money and dudes definitely fight over her. She is the perfect candidate. Here are five reasons that make her the perfect candidate for a celebrity to stripper career switch. READ MORE

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