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Will the real Rick Ross please stand up?

In an ongoing, one-sided, haphazard battle for his identity, Freeway Ricky Ross, the former drug trafficker, continues to accuse the much larger Rick Ross of stealing his name.

The latter, is one of hip hop’s most successful artists and weighs north of 300 pounds, minus all the gaudy jewelry and chicken wings he eats. Nevertheless, the pint-sized Ross stands by his convictions, and is even willing to duke it out with his name-stealing enemy despite numerous physical disadvantages.

During an interview on the Murder Master Music Show, he continued in his attempts to slander the Maybach Music Group/MMG boss for impersonating his gangster persona, and explained why he’d sign on for the bout.

“I would take him … if we do it for charity,” he said. “We go in and we donate all the money to some kids. I’d be willing to do that.”

Despite Ricky Rozay’s weight advantage, Freeway Ricky Ross is confident that he wouldn’t be much of a challenge.

“Yeah, even though he’s ’bout 400 pounds bigger than me. That don’t mean nothing ’cause he look like he ’bout to have a heart attack anyway.”

The ex-con also takes shots at Ross’ sexuality, alleging an intimate relationship with Diddy.

“I saw them kiss one time,” he said. “Somebody showed me a video of where they kissed. They was on stage and they hugged and put their lips together. I can only imagine what they do in private. Hopefully those tapes never get out because I know they probably film it!”


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