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By: @ItsMeStewe

While doing some media work at the Kendrick Lamar Concert presented by TDE at Chene Park in Detroit, I ran into a few friends of mine in an underground rap group called: #FadedAgenda. One of which was a girl named “Che”.

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We had previously met at different events and her passion for her craft definitely reeked from her ora. I first worked with Che while shooting a cypher promo video she was in. I instantly fell in love with flow, style, & humor. When it came to the end of the concert I was fortunate enough to kick it with Kendrick for a while before the meet and greet started. He was a real down to earth fellow and I expressed how much I enjoyed his work & he expressed his recognition for my work. As the meet and greet started and proceeded with pictures with different fans, I saw Che step up to the front of the line.

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After she took her picture with Kendrick she kindly asked to rap for him. Something in me told me to speak up. So I yelped out:

“Let her rap for you Kendrick! She is the coldest MC in the city!”

He looked at me gave me an assuring nod and told her to stay till after. Security then escorted her out of the building. Kendrick proceeded to take a shower in his dressing room. While in the hallway a security guard approaches a stage manager and asks him:

“Hey, does Kendrick still want that girl to rap for him. She’s been standing outside for 30 minutes!”

I began to include myself in the conversation saying: “Yes!” but was cut off by a stage manager that then said: “Kendrick has a number. Tell her to call him! If he wanted her to rap for him that bad he would of gave it to her!”

I then tried my best to express to the security that Kendrick still had interest in “Che”. I looked down at my phone to text someone in the #FadedAgenda camp only to realize my phone was dead. I prayed and hoped she was still out there.

As Kendrick, his camp, and I exited his dressing room and proceeded out the back I saw Radio Raheem (a faded agenda member) who was calling Che to come here. As Kendrick came out she cried out to rap for him. He heard her and made a “c’mon” motion with his hands. As we walked up security tried to stop her and I mushed him away arguing that Kendrick wanted to hear her rap.

The bus doors opened and Kendrick told me he only wanted her on the bus. I really wanted to capture it on camera but I was just happy she made it on the bus 1 on 1 with him. I could look in the bus and see that Kendrick’s facial expressions were those of interest. At that point I knew something was there. As they both made their way off the bus I asked Kendrick: “Aye Kendrick you messing with her?” He replied: “Hell yea! She is hard!” I flicked the camera on and said let’s do a drop co-signing her and he did.

Stay tuned for what happens next:

*Check out Kendrick Lamar and Che at the 2:00 mark.

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