However, seeing that the story had received so much attention, it was only a matter of time before one of the two would deny the allegations, and Carmen’s rep beat Jason to it. Carmen Ortega says she didn’t sleep with Jason at a hotel room, the two are just good friends and were recording some new music material together. Her team tells CDL:

“Carmen is a recording artist and was recording in the studio where Jason was and is nothing more than a dear friend of Jason’s. She is very supportive of his career and is respectful of his relationship with Jordan. They are nothing more than friends.”

We know it’s very common for artists to go into the studio in the evening to record some music, but something just doesn’t sit right with us. These two were supposedly hitting up the studio at night.

And on top of this, Carmen Ortega has a record of sleeping with famous celebrities and athletes. According to another source, Ortega was the reason behind Kim Kardashian‘s split from Reggie Bush after having romped the NFL player throughout the couple’s relationship.

Jordin is truly head over heels in love with Jason, so if this was to be true and he really did cheat on her, she’s going to be really upset, especially since she’s gushing about marriage plans with Derulo in recent months, saying that she could definitely see herself marry the singer if they were to ever get to that stage.


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