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Trayon Benjamin Martin did not die in vain…. yes the man that pulled the trigger walked away a free man but what has this case done for our country?  It’s opened a dialogue on race and our justice system and the stand your ground law.  There have been protest and people gathered in support of amending or abolishing the stand your grand law.  Some celebrities have  even gone as far to support by vowing to never perform in the state of Florida until the law is changed.

And now Ebony magazine has joined the ranks by publishing four separate covers of the September 2013 issue to Trayvon Martin and explores the “Stand Your Ground” laws. This cover features actor Boris Kodjoe with son, Nicolas.Will you be reading these special issues of Ebony magazine?  At the very least let’s learn the laws, our rights as citizens in our country, vow to stop gun violence and stand for what’s right and wrong!