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According to TMZ, Singer Akon thinks if women would just accept that men were not designed to have sex with just one woman forever then everyone would be much happier!

Check out what he had to say below!

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“Women aren’t built to mate with more than one party … men are. As a male, we’re natural breeders by nature and women need to take more time to understand how men are built. At the end of the day as a male we are natural breeders by nature. We can’t even escape it if we wanted to.”

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Uh huh…we see. Okay and now we’d like to meet the woman who knows and accepts this as truth! We’re sure there are some out there, otherwise he probably wouldn’t have said it. However we pose a question to this philosophy, if Akon was still on the block in Jersey and not AKON would women put up with this mentality? What are we saying…of course they would because there is always one somewhere willing to put up with anything! Touche’Akon!


Akon Doesn’t Believe In Monogamy [VIDEO]  was originally published on theurbandaily.com