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Is Reggie mad that Kim moved on??

Reggie Bush Fires Shots At Kim Kardashian’s Engagement

Via HipHollywood reports:

Reggie Bush took to Instagram this week to deliver a message many believe is aimed at his ex, Kim Kardashian. The two had a roller coaster on-again, off-again relationship before finally calling it quits a couple of years ago. Since then, both have welcomed children into the world with other partners, but that didn’t stop Reggie from posting this image online

The image is from The Great Gatsby and is of Leonardo DiCaprio giving a toast. Bush captioned the image: “When you see someone else dealing with the BS your ex tried to put you through.”

No word on why Bush, who has remained relatively quiet since splitting with Kim, decided to publish the image. Amber Rose, who dated Kanye while Reggie was still with Kim, claimed publicly that Ye cheated on her with Kim. After calling it quits, Rose and Bush had a quick fling to spite their exes, but it didn’t manifest into anything beyond that.

Kim’s fans noticed the shots fired and clapped back at him:

Reggie could have been talking about some other ex but that will never stop people of thinking of Kim Kardashian.


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