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Fast & Furious star Paul Walker lost his life in a fiery wreck this weekend, after leaving a charity toy drive to help victims of the typhoon tragedy in the Philippines.  Now footage of the wreck and vehicle fire have been released.  This footage is very graphic

We’ve also learned that the death car was having mechanical issues earlier in the day, and it was Paul’s first time in the Porsche. TMZ reports:

As Roger began to back into the garage to figure out why it was stalling, Paul came up and said he hadn’t driven in the Porsche yet — so he jumped in the passenger seat and they took a 20 minute drive.

The accident happened on their way back from the joy ride, just 500 yards away from the garage.

Paul’s best friend from childhood, Nute, grabbed a fire extinguisher and was among the first to arrive on scene. We’re told Nute frantically tried to extinguish the flames … even though it appeared to him both men were already dead.

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