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Getting drunk and taking a cab home just got a little more complicated in Columbus.  Taxi cab drivers are now allowed to charge you a $50.00 clean up fee if you ride in a taxi drunk and vomit.  Why?  Because everybody knows that when you get sick it has an awful smell.  This causes taxi cab drivers to have to quit working to clean up your mess meaning they aren’t making any money.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, ‘the city’s Vehicle for Hire Board approved the rules that say drunken passengers who soil cabs “ with bodily fluids or solids” can be charged as long as drivers post a sign and verbally explain the fee.’

Now if you ride in a cab and you are sober and become ill you will not be subjected to the fifty dollar clean up fee.  Women who give birth in a cab and children are also exempt from the additional fee.

Other U.S. cities such as Chicago also have implemented a “soiling” fee to passengers.  For more in-depth information on this new rule click here


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