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It seems that Floyd Mayweather’s meltdown over his ex-fiancee yesterday (May 1st) may have been all over Nelly.

According to TMZ:

Floyd Mayweather is a man with a broken heart … this according to sources close to the boxer who tell us he was devastated when he learned his ex-fiancee is rebounding with his old friend Nelly.

We’re told … Floyd only recently learned Shantel Jackson had been getting close with the rapper … who used to kick it with Floyd back in the day. 

One source tells us Floyd felt “betrayed” that Shantel would date someone in his circle of friends … and that’s what sparked him to go to social media and lash out at her earlier this morning. 

Sources close to Floyd tell us … he realized he shouldn’t have posted Shantel’s ultrasound results along with a message announcing that she had an abortion … but he just couldn’t control his emotions. 

Floyd has since pulled the posts down.