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Apparently, since Gucci is going away for 3 yrs he has decided to pen a autobiography about his life.

According to XXL Mag:

It will be late 2016 when Gucci Mane gets out of prison, so the rapper has an abundance of free time on his hands. According to a message sent out on the Guwop’s Twitter account, he plans to use his time wisely and pen a book about his life. The autobiography will be titled Diary Of A Trap God, according to the tweet.

Gucci also announced that he would embark on a tour on his twitter account.

One question… When? SMH

According to TMZ:

After months of downing sizzurp like it’s his job, Justin Bieber is off the codeine cocktail … so we’re told by people connected to Justin.

We’re told he’s been clean for a month, largely because he’s become obsessed with working out and it’s just really hard to do when you’re high.  

We’re told it’s no coincidence Justin has been spending more time with Scooter Braun and his mom over the last month … J.B. kept his distance during his sizzurp binges.

Detoxing from sizzurp isn’t easy, especially when you use it all the time.  You’ll recall … during the Sheriff’s search of Justin’s Calabasas home, deputies found 4 or 5 empty codeine bottles and various styrofoam double cups.


Rapper Clifford "T.I." Harris poses for a portrait while promoting the show "T.I.'s Road To Redemption" in New York

T.I. is still a faithful man to wife and kids…

According to TMZ:

T.I. did not sleep with a random “blonde” chick on Mother’s Day … so says T.I. AND the woman whose photograph with the rapper triggered the rumors in the first place.

Alexis Lacey posted a photo online of herself in T.I.’s house last weekend which led people to believe she was a side piece. It didn’t help that all the photos T.I.’s wife, Tiny posted that day did not include him.

T.I. tells us he didn’t lay a hand on the woman … he had never seen her before that day … and he has not seen her since. 

We also spoke to Lacey (who also goes by Lexxy) and she says she was at T.I.’s house with a friend and NOTHING happened between them. 

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