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Yesterday, when people asked Torrei Hart to react to her ex husband proposing to his girlfriend, Eniko Parrish, she threw a bit of shade. In case you missed it, she said that her new man– a real man–supports her in a way Kevin never did, and then the nail in the coffin came when she insinuated that Kevin would most likely cheat on Eniko just like he did with her.

Forgiving Eniko

Well you know, I really have chosen not to speak on Eniko anymore. And honestly, I have no issues or anything with Eniko. I actually gave a lot of issues I have up to God. I did a bonfire. And I forgave everyone in the situation.

You know, things don’t work out sometimes. And I was hurt by the situation, but now I’m in such a good place that I’m even open to being friends with her. Believe or not. You know that I mean? Whereas before I thought I’d never, ever want to be friends with this woman. But now I’m so in a good place, and just- wow. Things happen in life a for a reason. And understanding that reason and giving it up to God and just moving forward.

So whatever happened in the past between them two, I hope they stay happy and are always happy. I found a new love that I’ve been with for 10 months. And he’s amazing. I’m happy with it. I’m happy!

Like I said, for me to want to be friends with that woman, she’s always around my children and she’s with Kevin. And I want Kevin to stay happy because he’s my kids’ father

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