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Ohio State quarter back J.T. Barrett was reported involved with an alleged domestic dispute early Tuesday morning with his girlfriend Alexandria Barrett-Clark that resulted in the police being called.    However the couple have, provided officers with different accounts of what occurred in his apartment.

ABC6 WSYX  is reporting that Barrett told police he asked Barrett-Clark to leave before things briefly became physical:

In the report, Barrett says a woman identified as his girlfriend—Alexandria Barrett-Clark—refused to leave his apartment after he asked her to do so. Barrett says she ‘ran at him and pushed him.’

Barrett says Barrett-Clark hit him. In the report, he say he pushed her away in self-defense, which caused her to fall to a bed. Barrett says he again asked her to leave. Again, he says, she refused.

She told police that Barrett confronted her in his bedroom and ‘choked her on the bed.’ She said Barrett used his forearm to apply pressure to her neck before taking her phone away from her.  Police say a witness told them that he was upstairs when he heard arguing. But, he says, he did not see any kind of fight between Barrett and Barrett-Clark

Barrett-Clark told police she managed to get away from Barrett and call police.


The police report states that no arrest were made and no charges have been filled.  There were also no visible injuries and no medical attention was perused.   The case has been sent to the prosecutors office for review.  At this time it hasn’t been made known  when the prosecutor’s office will make a final decision based on the evidence presented

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