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Rihanna Becomes the Face of Puma

R&B diva Rihanna has laced up a new relationship with iconic sneaker company Puma by becoming its creative director.

Rihanna has been named creative director of Puma, overseeing the direction of the womenswear line, and will join famous sportsmen including Usain Bolt and Mario Balotelli as a brand ambassador. The singer arrived at the company’s headquarters in Germany yesterday and had her first creative meeting with the design team.

Having signed a “multi-year partnership” with the company, Rihanna will take a “hands-on approach,” WWD reports, working on Puma’s fitness and training collections across apparel as well as shoes.

Rihanna “will work with Puma to design and customize classic Puma styles as well as create new styles to add to the Puma product portfolio,” Puma said in a statement today.


Waitress Says Chad “Ochostinko” Johnson’s $300 Tip Stopped Her From Committing Suicide 

Athletes leaving awesome tips never gets old. Athletes leaving bad tips never stops being annoying. It’s hard to beat the story that goes viral on social media because an overwhelmed server posted about some superstar’s generosity. But what happens when it’s the athlete (or in this case, former athlete) tweeting out the news about that awesome tip? Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson did just that on Sunday, but we’re not complaining. He dropped $300 on a $351.92 check, more than generous. He actually wrote in $300.92, so his math wasn’t great, even if the gesture was. It also helped make up for him dunking on his kids earlier in the day.



Karrueche Subliminal Message To Chris Brown?!?!

Does Karrueche want to tie the knot with Chris Brown? They are officially broken up but now there’s rumors about a wedding ring possibly sealing the deal.



Is there any chance Karrueche is sending a subliminal?