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There has been a lot of controversy about Sony’s Movie the Interview… a comedy about an assassination attempt of current Supreme Leader of North Korean. From cyber hacks to Sony being forced to cancel movie release all together.


According to TMZ In a bizarre twist … Sony has done an about face and it’s green-lighting “The Interview” for theaters to run on XMAS day.

The CEO of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema tells TMZ  …. Sony called Monday and said a copy of the film would be delivered Wednesday. The CEO — was vague about extra security, but says it will run in more than 20 theaters, located in Texas, Colorado, Virginia, New York and more.

Along with that news CNN confirms that Youtube will be streaming the movie and if your wondering where in Columbus you can see the Movie… There are only 2 theaters who are willing to show “The Interview”

  1. Gate Way Film Center On Campus
  2. Grandview Theaters out West

So now that you know where to go to see the movie, the real question is will you go to see it??