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1. Rick Ross Gets Miami Heat Logo Tatted on his FACE

rick ross face tattoo

Ya know…it’s one thing to love your NBA team and show support…but when you get their logo tattooed on you – especially on your face -one may start to believe you’re crazy. Unless you have stock in the team, which he doesn’t. So again I say, Rick Ross, you’re crazy.

2. Ludacris’ Baby’s Mom Says Marriage is a Way to Stop Child Support


You just can’t enjoy marital bliss anymore. Luda’s newest baby’s mother Tamika Fuller says the rapper’s decision to propose and get married all in the same day, is nothing more than a trick to convince the judge that the 1-year-old side baby is better in his custody. Fuller thinks Luda is just trying to get out of paying her the $7,000 a month she receives in child support.

3. Kevin Gates Reveals He’s Sleeping with His Cousin

kevin gates sleeping with cousin

You read that right…the rapper said there’s no reason to mess up a good thing after 3 months, just because he found out the girl he’s sleeping with is his cousin. Watch:

So…I gotta know….