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Love triangle?! Well, not sure if you knew but K. Michelle and Meek Mill used to have a thing.  Well, we are know that Meek Mill’s eye is on Nicki Minajas he posted a photo on his Instagram of Nicki Minaj wearing his Dream Chaser chain.  Well this could be why K Michelle took to her Instagram to post a twerk video to Nicki Minaj’s ex boo Safaree’s new song, “Burner”.


Pictured here is K Michelle wearing Meek Mill’s Dream Chaser logo chain.  Well here is a side by side of Nicki wearing it as well as K Michelle.

Meek Mill Necklace

Maybe K Michelle felt a certain way, because she took to her Instagram to post a twerking video to Nicki Minaj’s ex boo Safaree.


K Michelle Twerk

Hmmmmm.  Are they an item, or is K Michelle trying to start something? Feel free to hit up her Instagram to see the video in action.  Click Here: K. Michelle Twerk