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1. Superhead Introduces Anti-Cash Money Hoodie


Despite the fact that Lil Wayne s clearly dating Christina Milian..Superhead just can’t let go! So she’s taken to Instagram to show her support during Wayne’s beef with Cash Money. Superhead posted a pic wearing an anti-Cash Money hoodie, saying “It’s a cold world, so bundle up.”

Um…does Superhead realize Lil Wayne is not her man?!? That’s like Aminah wearing an anti-Tara hoodie, to support Peter Gunz! That’s like Monica Lewinsky wearing an anti-George Bush hoodie!


2. Nicki Minaj is Flaunting Meek Mill

nicki minaj meek

Nicki Minaj cares none that everyone knows she and Meek Mill are dating. First, they posted a pic of Meek kissing Nicki on the cheek…and now Nicki posted a pic of them at dinner.

Now Nicki, weren’t you just with Safaree for 14 years, and now 12 hours later, you and Meek Mill eating noodles?!? Aye…Meek looks better than Safaree…do you boo.


3. R Kelly Gets Jumped in Mississippi

r kelly beat up 3

R Kelly is out here getting beat up! He had a show in Gulfport, Mississippi, and according to witnesses, he got jumped! The promoter tweeted that he paid Kells $50K to perform at this club, and when he didn’t, they jumped him!

r kelly beat up 1

So many questions need answers! First off, why is R. Kelly in Gulfport, Mississippi? Secondly, who the hell paid him 50 racks? Third and finally……who the hell paid him 50 racks?!?!?! I’m more upset with the promoter than I am with R. Kelly.


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