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weh ent report 2-17

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1. Princess Love Lays Hands on Ray J

ray j princess

Ray J got beat up…by his girlfriend Princess Love! They were in New Orleans, and Ray J spent the entire night in the strip club, and when he got back to the hotel, Princess allegedly said “I’m gonna kill you,” and gave it her best try! She cracked several ribs, busted his lip, and tore his ACL! Princess was arrested on domestic abuse and battery…but she’s already out of jail…because Ray J bailed her out AND paid her $10k for her lawyer! Listen abuse is abuse, and it’s not okay….but were the “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” cameras rolling…..?


2. Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian Got Beef!

amber rose khloe k featured

Amber Rose said Tyga should be ashamed of himself for leaving Blac Chyna for 17 year old Kylie Jenner. Kylie’s sister Khloe jumped in and said Amber can’t talk, because she was strippinga t 15. Amber said they don’t want these problems, she’s from South Philly. In the midst of all this beef, where was Blac Chyna? Amber got beef with the Kardashians for defending you, and we ain’t heard a peep from you! You ain’t no ride or die friend.


3. Tyler Perry Names Oprah and Cicely Tyson as Godmothers of His Son

tyler perry gf baby

Tyler Perry just welcomed a son, Aman Tyler Perry, into the world. The baby was christened and his Godmothers are….Oprah and Cicely Tyson! Now I’m not trying to be mean…but Godparents are supposed to take care of the child if something happens to the parents, right? Well Cicely Tyson is 172 years old, and Oprah is a decade away herself! That’s worse than Michael Jackson leaving his kids to Diana Ross!


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