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1. Malik Yoba Says ‘Empire’ Cohost is Gay

FOX's "Empire" - Season One

Okay I let you watch most of Empire, now lemme tell you the scoop. Malik Yoba, that fine chocolate man from the show, said that Jussie Smollett, AKA Jamal, is really gay in real life! He did an interview, and flat out said: “I know Jussie, he is gay, and he’s very committed to issues around the LGBT community.” Uh, how you just gone steal this man’s thunder? Just because Jamal came out the closet, doesn’t mean Jussie was ready to! Now we’re never get a remix of “this the kind of song that makes a man love a man!”


2. Rich Homie Quan “Feels Good” About White People Using N-Word

rich homie quan n word

Rich Homie Quan has some interesting views on racism and the N-word. In an interview about the song “My Hitta,” he was asked how he felt about white people singing along to the dirty version. And he said “I feel good. It’s that type of track; that’s what we want it to do.”

So…people were mad about my comedic “Great Moments in Black History,” but Rich Homie Quan purposely makes music for white people to say the N word. Got it.


3. Luda’s Baby Mama Trying to Get Custody of the Side Baby

luda baby mama job

Ludacris is married and his wife Eudoxie is pregnant! And Luda now has full custody of his side baby. Well his side baby mama is now trying hard to get full custody of the baby, so she’s taken drastic measures to get the little girl back. What has she done…? Gotten a job! She’s now working 40 hours a week in the hospitality industry. Wait, so lemme get this straight: she’s a grown woman in her late 30’s, and just now decided to get a job because she wants custody of her kid…? Bye Felicia.


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