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1. Nelly Caught with Weed, Guns, and Pills on Tour Bus!

Nelly is in trouble, trouble! His tour bus got pulled over for not having correct stickers on it. So then the police smelled weed. They searched the bus and found weed, ecstasy, and guns! Now there were 15-20 people on the tour bus…but um, sir! I am so incredibly surprised and appalled by this. Who knew Nelly was still going on tour??


2. T.I. Going to Court for Maybe Baby From Threesome

T.I. 925 Scales restaurant ribbon cutting

Source: Getty Images / Getty

So T.I. and Tiny have threesomes…not really anything new. But the Word Eye Heard is, Tip is heading to court Thursday over the paternity of a baby that was allegedly fathered during one of the threesomes in 2012. Here’s the thing: is T.I. really having threesomes with his wife…and wiggling in the side chick with no jmmy hat…? I really really don’t want him to be that stupid.


3. Rapper YC’s Wedding is Off…Because He Cheated

Remember the rapper YC? “Racks on Racks..?” Well he was engaged to his girlfriend of 5 years, and they decided to elope at the end of March. So they went to Vegas to some fancy hotel…and YC wound up cheating on his fiance with a bartender from the hotel! Now the wedding is off. What a dummy. You’re not gonna find another woman to be loyal to you, when your rap career was over 4 years ago.


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