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Kylie Jenner is doing everything and anything to raise Blac Chyna’s blood pressure when it comes to her son King.  Between taking selfies and posting them on IG with King to babysitting consistently, Kylie is making a clear statement to Blac Chyna.

Recording to  HollywoodLife:

“Kylie’s not totally innocent, she does stuff to screw with Blac Chyna too. Like she just taught King to say ‘I love Kylie.’

She was with him all day and she gave him candy every time he’d say it, by the time Tyga took him home to his mom he was so hyped on sugar and running around shouting out ‘I love Kylie!’ Kylie thought it was hilarious but it made Blac Chyna flip, no doubt she’s retaliating for that.”

Kylie better chill out..