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Source: dawson county sherrif’s office / dawson county sherrif’s office

Ya know, some stories just write themselves. What do you do when you wanna steal a lawn mower, AND you need a ride…? Gursham Gillett had an answer: steal something that doubles as a getaway vehicle! Not a car, not a bike, not even a scooter……Mr. Gillett stole a lawn mower from the store, and drove it out the front door! He went to the store, gassed up the lawn mower, and made it all the way home before being caught! You know what? He’s not the Biggest Loser. He’s an idiot, but the Biggest Loser is the police, and everyone who watched this man drive off on a LAWN MOWER….and thought nothing was suspicious! So you thought everyone drives lawn mowers on places other than lawns?? Nobody in Nebraska was alarmed when they saw this man on I-80 driving 3.6 mph? Y’all are either blind…or really country.


What’s the dumbest crime someone you know committed?

What the craziest thing someone you know stole?