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If you haven’t heard from your significant other for 2 days, you might call the police. You’re worried; totally understandable. But how does this story go from a worried girlfriend, to a dead person?? Well….paramedics showed up to the man’s house and found him cold, pale, and rigid at the foot of the bed. Right now, you’re assuming he died, right? Well so did the paramedics. They didn’t even try to resuscitate him! The medical examiner notified his family of his “death” and everything….and as they were getting ready to take the man to the morgue, he began to move! So you’re telling me, it’s your job to save lives, and you didn’t even check to see if the man was alive?? He must’ve lived in the hood; they prolly took 2 hours to get there too.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve called 911 for?