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Source: yavapai sheriff’s office / yavapai sheriff’s office

The most important rule when it comes to transporting drugs is: don’t get pulled over. But if you happen to get pulled over, be cool! Well Miranda Baldonado and Sarah Valencia were anything but. They got pulled over for a routine traffic stop, and were so nervous, the police knew something was up. So they brought out the drug sniffing dogs. Not only did the dogs find heroin inside of some condoms in the car, but the dogs had strong noses. So strong, that they started sniffing between the girls’ legs……there was 2 pounds of heroin, inside of condoms, in the girls’ vaginas! Salute to the police for stopping them; whoever they sold that heroin to, probably would’ve died from a yeast infection.


Have you ever found something y0u wish you wouldn’t have?

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