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Remember when you used to play on the phone, back when your grandma had a house phone? We all did it, but then we grew up and realized how lame it was. Well apparently Stephen Brown missed that memo. He’s a 24 year old who called 999, the Irish equivalent of 911, so many times, he wound up in jail! He’s called and claimed people were threatening him, and the usually stupid prank phone calls, but let me tell you what got him in trouble. He called 999 and told them…..he was Nicki Minaj, and there were ghosts in his house. First of all, even if you believe in ghosts, what do you think 911 is gonna do about it?? Secondly, what made him think Nicki Minaj’s voice was that deep?? He would’ve been better off saying he was Caitlyn Jenner.


You ever prank called 911? What did you say?